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02-03-2013, 08:48 PM
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If you can be encouraged about 1 ROW in eight games more power to you. if 27 and 10 are out more than two weeks were looking forward to the offseason. F/A signings and the draft and another season.

Personally I have endured poor offense far too often with this team since 98. the early years it was understandable. Now someone must be accountable, ownership for misleading the fanbase, Poile for lack of ability to ice a legitimate 1st line in the NHL after being given a green light by owners, Coaching staff for lack of motivating the offensive players to create shots on goal, scoring chances, stick to stick passing. Players for failing to do all of the coaching areas that are shortfalls.

This is basically the same offense from last year while no moves were made to make them better there is nothing to indicate they should be this much worse. And it is possible that a win streak could happen. 48 more points needed to salvage a playoff spot and yes that is the legitimate watermark for any team, otherwise it is a disappointing season. So 24 wins are needed in last 40 games still doable but with there current play not very likley.

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