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02-03-2013, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
I think a giant Fleur de lis would be better. I think they look awesome. I like the one from Florence best, however using it would detract from the French significance.

I'd just sew a big patch like the one below on the front. Reminds me of Jousting for some reason.
Oh come on! First of all, read the filename of this pic. it's the coat of arms of Florence, Italy.

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Yeah, I do like the fleur-de-lis idea, too.

That logo is the one I still highlight as the best idea, imho. Sweater could use a bit more detail, but that's what I'd point at as a good future idea for a new Nordiques team. Especially with the old Nordqiues logo tucked in there (personally think mirroring it on the other side would make it perfect).
Nope, worse than the last jersey logo.

Originally Posted by Marc08 View Post
However, the coach and the GM must speak French, right?

What about the roster? Do you think the Quebec City hockey fanbase will embrace the vast majority of non-Francophone speakers?

If not? What can be done?
We're not Montreal, please.

Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
I can see a French speaking coach, GM not so much, player even less so. How often does the GM speak publicly (other than Burke) just have a translator.
We don't care. As long as he's good and he's willing to try to learn french it's ok with us.

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