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This thead has many pages of discussion about Bobby Orr....I don't get it, but it's all right.

Originally Posted by BobbyAwe View Post
Boxing and hockey fights are two different sciences.
And very much so if I may add. Imo, professional boxers have not any ultimate credibility to rank hockey fighters.

This guy is a joke anyway, he picks Howe as the greatest fighter ever - another myth.
The thing with Howe is that there is not much information about his fighting ability. He was apparently very feared player, but the reputation came mostly from his will to play violently dirty if necessary. He was intimidating and respected character and AFAIK did not have to fight much. On the other hand, those tools are essential for enforcers, not just the fighting ability itself. Then again, there were no actual "enforcers" during the Howe -era. Even star players were expected to be tough back then. Gordie Howe is a mythical figure in many ways but likely rightfully so.

Anyway, as before, I'd go for Bob Probert as the best player-enforcer and Dave Brown as the best goon-enforcer. These guys played during "the golden enforcer era" which lasted from 80's to early 90's. The league was full of tough guys and there were more fights than ever.

Probert was some kind of gretzky of enforcers as far as popularity goes. He was also a decent hockey player, but really unreal fighter. If he somehow lost he avenged it next time. Of course he got old and got beaten more by that time, but during his prime Probert was nothing sort of legendary.

While Dave Brown was not technically the best fighter(still one of the best), he was probably the meanest of his time and did not much care about "the code". He was there just to hurt and intimidate the opposing players.

Break another goon's orbital bone with a fist? Done.
A brutal cross-check in the face in a very cold blooded manner? He deserved it.
Beat a no-fighting skill player as a retaliation? No problem.
Keep pummeling without mercy while other is helpless on the ice? Stop whining, he did not die.

Brown had little need for morals if he think somebody deserved a punishment. And Brown was not a raving madman, just a genuinely mean SOB. Brown made 10+ year career at NHL as a player without having any NHL level hockey skills. Yeah, he scored a few goals, but mostly because defenders rarely dared to touch him. His PIM totals are nothing special as Brown was mostly sitting on the bench and yet NHL GM's and coaches wanted him. They wanted Brown to sit there on the bench. And we are talking about professional hockey teams at the highest level. They did not send him to minors. 10 years. No hockey skill. Just sitting, intimidating and fighting. That is something to think about.

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