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02-03-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
my cents

1.I dont believe in this Olympics plan in Poland/Slovakia
2.Exclusivity of market. I heard Toronto Maple Leafs has exclusivity in region a only club in NHL. Right?? Why not the same with Slovan and KHL?

3.Why would KHL want Kosice as 2nd slovak club? You know, only a few free spots in KHL. I see bigger potential in Germany, Switzerland and even Poland.

4.Arena of Kosice. Yes, now would be one of best in KHL. But what about next 10 years? Are they ready to build new one? Clubs like Vityaz (small arena) will not play KHL forever.
1. I agree

2. Slovan will benefit from having Kosice in the league. An arch rival in the east isnt bad for business. Just like the maple leafs need the rivalry with the habs.

3. Why? Slovakia got alot of KHLrs. They produce alot more quality players than Switzerland, Germany and Poland. The KHL must make sure that the top slovakian talents stay in europe and that they dosent move to junior hockey in NA. Slovakia and Czech rep are both big hockey powers. Dont forget that.

4. Hard to say. No1 can look into the future. Maybe they will build a new arena and maybe they wont. Hard to say rly.

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