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07-03-2006, 11:18 AM
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some thoughts

If you look at the big name signings, for the most part it was non-playoff teams trying to make a splash or playuers re-signing with their own team.

The Habs had a couple of UFA's and Bob signed both, the same can't be said about all the other teams.

While Arnott would have definitely been an improvement over Ribiero, IMHO there are still guys out there that will be available over the next little while that are an improvement over Ribiero and will be more cost effective. (Names that come to mind are guys like Halpern, Sanderson and maybe Freisen. Look lets face it, it will not be dificult to improve on Ribiero as a 2nd line center.

This whole "why players don't want to play in Montreal" thing really is just excuses. At the end of it all do we really need or want to pursue guys that aren't convinced they will want to play in Montreal. Let them play elsewhere for whatever the reason is. There have been plenty of solid NHL veterans that have enjoyed their stay here (Gilmour, Muller, Moog, etc). If a player was concerned about language a quick phone call would easily point them in the right direction. I personally am FED UP and TIRED of that excuse. If that is what players think then go play in Nashville or Atlanta or New York or wherever. As a few posters have mentioned, in this day and age it's getting boorish.

Gainey not signing anybody should not be taken as Gainey not trying or gainey not offering enough. If we know anything about Gainey, it's that he WILL NOT let emotions get the better of him. So while all those around him are losing their heads, he sticks to his guns. Like it or not in the long run I'm more comfortable with that than a reactionary style. There are a lot of teams that have not made any kind of a splash. The sky is not falling just because we haven't signed a free agent.

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