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Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
There is only a finite number of PED's, and as I said earlier, more steroids doesn't mean better results. Most anabolic and androgenic steroids are derivatives of synthetic testosterone, not some crazy poisonous chemicals. And the most expensive PED, HGH, is still relatively cheap. The only problem I see are the athletes that absolutely want to stay clean and refuse to take anything, its not fair for them. But these guys are pro athletes and fierce competitors, I suspect like the alphas that they are that they are always looking for that edge to be the best.
A finite number of PED ?
I dont think so. The number of options available for dopers is large and its a world with moving frontiers.

And according to the level of anti-doping fight, it could be possible to eventually (important word) catch every one of them.

Most of the products are not that dangerous ? Really ?
For instance, you probably should look at the italian soccer of the 80's and the surprisingly high number of players dead or severely ill before reaching 50 or even 40.

Today, its probably safer, obviously, but when you have players ready to take risks and try experimental products in order to possibly win a couple of tenths, two pounds or being able to reach a concentration and focus of 101%, i find very hard to believe that there isnt a significant part of those people that wont get hurt, especially if you move the lines.

Being a competitor doesnt prevent you to have some pride and honor. Some of the competitors want to be able to look at themselves on the mirror...

For the league, at the moment where you start to deal with doping, anyway, i dont know exactly how you could end up with a positive reaction about the sport involved in such a problem.
Most, if not every single one, of the major doping cases and trials made in Europe were started by police investigations.

Anyway, everything is done to prevent any problem around this subject. If you dont really control and test, there is no risk of a bad news...

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