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Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
There is only a finite number of PED's, and as I said earlier, more steroids doesn't mean better results. Most anabolic and androgenic steroids are derivatives of synthetic testosterone, not some crazy poisonous chemicals. And the most expensive PED, HGH, is still relatively cheap. The only problem I see are the athletes that absolutely want to stay clean and refuse to take anything, its not fair for them. But these guys are pro athletes and fierce competitors, I suspect like the alphas that they are that they are always looking for that edge to be the best.
Anabolic and androgenic steroids have numerous deleterious effects. Testosterone administration sharply increases the risk of prostate cancer, so in a way it is a crazy poisonous chemical. Even when it doesn't it furthers prostatic hypertrophy and reduces spermatogenesis. I'm an old man but I'm not tempted to try it even if did produce the illusion of youthful vigor. I've seen commercials for a topical gel that contains androgenic steroids but at least the vendor acknowledges the potential side effects.

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