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Windsor doesn't have enough guys in Jr B? They have several draft classes they could, in theory, call up. What about...

Evan Makaric
Dylan Seguin
Brendan McCann
Dylan Wallace (OJHL)
Liam Clare (OJHL)
Ryan Watson

I'm not sure if they COULD be called up, but are they options?

It boils down to proper use of your 30 cards either guys like Smith, Braithwaite, Bezuch and Alonge took up 2-3 cards and those guys only played 4 games total for Windsor.
You can always look back and think "I could have done this better", but, at the time, they were all reasonable assumptions to be here long-term. Smith was a 2nd round pick and the team felt he was going to be good. Braithwaite was considered a veteran on the blue-line. Bezuch they had high hopes for, thus signing him, and the same with Alonge. He's only out because of his injury.

When someone like Brady Vail has to play defence because we're that short-staffed, or when we can only run three forward lines, there's an issue. That's why I wonder if call-ups for injury-related situations can be done.

Feeling good, and I say troll because of that last comment about 10-0 etc.. brings absolutely nothing to the table except trying to incite something.
You're the one who didn't believe that Pavelka could get us into the playoffs. I showed you stats that say otherwise. Then I threw that little pot shot in because, well, most of the time it's probably true. That's not trolling, if it's the truth

I mean collectively, he had a stretch of 5 good games in January but the whole body of work isn't very good.
The whole body of work is a save % over 90 and a GAA under 3.50. That's pretty damn good given our defence! Both are better than Murray and Paterson, btw.

Since I don't consider Save % or GAA to be the most telling statistic for a goalie, since those rely on defence a fair bit, look at something else...

Pavelka leads the league in saves, and appears to lead in shots against. This tells me he sees far more rubber than he should and he saves more than he should.

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