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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Anabolic and androgenic steroids have numerous deleterious effects. Testosterone administration sharply increases the risk of prostate cancer, so in a way it is a crazy poisonous chemical. Even when it doesn't it furthers prostatic hypertrophy and reduces spermatogenesis. I'm an old man but I'm not tempted to try it even if did produce the illusion of youthful vigor. I've seen commercials for a topical gel that contains androgenic steroids but at least the vendor acknowledges the potential side effects.
Which is why people use them smartly and cycle them. Nobody stays on them all year except pro bodybuilders, and even they go through cycles of high dosages followed by very low dosages. I suspect athletes cycle during the playoffs and during the off season training, and simply use stims during the season.

Testosterone isn't more dangerous then alcohol or tobacco. You can even die by taking too much advil. There is a smart way to use (not abuse) PEDs and I suspect many athletes are even doing it under doctor supervision.

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