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02-03-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by inthewings View Post
Jordan Eberle is an elite player with a special skill set. You can't just acquire guys like that at will. Cammalleri is a one-dimensional player on a steep decline who can't stay healthy and has scored about 20 goals and 45 points a season over the last three seasons. That isn't a rare asset. Nobody is going to give anything of substance to acquire someone like that, because any team can acquire a similar player for cheaper in the free agent market. See: Jiri Hudler, PA Parenteau etc...
You really are oblivious.

I used Eberle as an example. Apparently I should have used "player X". I was simply stating that your knowledge of evaluating player worth is ludicrous. If a player is actually worth $5M but instead he's paid $6M, that doesn't mean he has negative value, as your illogical post tried to convey. At the same time, a player who is being paid exactly what they are worth does not have zero value.

If Cammalleri scores 45 points in 65 games on an average season and has a cap hit of $6M, he does not have negative value. Sure, the cap hit difference between his actual worth and his actual pay bring his value down, but nothing close to negative value.

If Cammalleri has negative value, Bourque is worth negative 3 first round picks, Gionta negative 4, etc.

You just seem to use whatever method of evaluation that benefits your own players and works to devalue others.

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