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02-03-2013, 08:52 PM
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So....I lost the battle of soundbars. Was aiming for the Klipsch or Bose. Wife came in with me at Best Buy and she said that she was not really interested in getting that cinema sound that we'd probably wouldn't use anyway 'cause the only time we can watch those movies, is when the kids are sleeping and any loud soundbars or cinema spekaers would wake them up. So she mostly wanted a soundbar that would slighly improve the sound of our new TV. And in the end, she said that the one she wanted was actually sounding better than the other ones (I suspect that the price ALSO sounded better....) Anyway, we went with the Polk Audio Soundbar IHT-4000. It does sound fine, pretty clear for the voices and high sounds, subwoofer is actually not that bad. And the price is obviously much less than the others.....I guess that's as good as I could have done...

Thanks guys for the help lately with either the TV or the soundbars. Well appreciated!

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