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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
1.) Taxes are higher in Montreal than anywhere else, as a result we need to overpay to bring guys in. They can take home more of their money somewhere else.

Edit: as McPhee stated 2 and 3 are perceptions and stereotypes of Montreal that some players have and they may not be entirely true in reality. However many hockey players believe them to be the case, and when going after UFAs perception = reality.

2.) The idiots in the french media like the guys at 110%, Le Journal de Montreal, La Presse, TQS etc have given montreal a bad reputation around the league. Do you think other players don't notice when things like the Koivu situation take place (ie the question about speaking french in the media conference dealing with his eye injury, the leaked photos from his bedside etc...)

3.) The language issue for families. Face it some guys do not want to send their kids to a french school, and some players wives have problems making friends in a city with that language barrier included.

4.) Cold Climate - Think its not a factor? Think again.
Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong.
1) Taxes are higher because there are more services... I know those rich players don't care because each team has its own doctors, but still, if one wants to live in a place that is half american, half european, its the place. By the way, criminality here is much lower than in any other city around the league.

2) It for sure is only due to the FRENCH media... and since there is no FRENCH media anywere else in North America, it is certainly the cause.

3) There are open minds, and there are the others.

4) We are talking about hockey, we are talking about the city that build the NHL (there were at least 3-4 teams in Montreal that won the Stanley Cup before NHL started).

Personnaly, I think the leadership of this team is the problem. I don't see a team on the ice, but many individuals. It might be a reason why no one wants to join the club. Still, no UFA signed with several other clubs......... the thruth is that each UFA can choose between 30 teams.... the odds are not in our favor. Near 33% of the teams are currently in the situation Montreal is in (couldn't sign an UFA from outdise their team)... We already had two UFAs under contract (Huet and Bouillon), and two years ago, Kovalev... fair enough.

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