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02-03-2013, 10:24 PM
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Well, aside from hockey, I also love motorsport in general. F1, NASCAR, rallying, touring cars, endurance racing. Hell, if there's bike racing on TV, I'll watch it. I loved it since I was a child and wouldn't mind being a racing driver at all. Not that I'd have enough talent to pull it off without ending up on my roof or splattered against a concrete wall.

Winter sports are also great. Ski jumping is wonderfully simple so you can pick it up with ease yet technical enough to have some depth into it as well. Alpine skiing, especially the faster disciplines, are a thriller and a half. Cross country skiing can be boring but it's great when you have a hangover and there's nothing else on TV. Besides, it's a tradition. Sledding is a demanding and dangerous sport, but it's a bit too boring for my liking. I understand that it requires a lot of practice and guts to pull off a good run, but it's not really interesting. I like watching snowboarding and other extreme winter sports as much as anyone. They're simply cool and interesting instead of stuck to the traditions.

I only watch soccer if it's an interesting game and absolutely, positively have nothing else to do at all. I used to follow soccer and Liverpool more actively, but I've been losing interest gradually over the last few years.

Oh, and I don't follow NFL but I don't mind the sport itself, basketball is a good way to spend time but not something I like watching on TV and MLB is... Well, I don't know anything about it and I'm not interested in finding out either.

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