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02-03-2013, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by thedoctor View Post
I'm not a plus minus fan, but you had to expect the other side to push back in negotiations, come on. That's not even remotely insulting, it's a common question in hockey.

And if the captaincy really is at issue, that is so juvenile I can't even believe it. Maybe he should have signed if he wanted to be considered for the captaincy. What were they gonna do, give him more leverage in negotiations? We've all seen what he's tried to do with minimal leverage!

The more that comes out the uglier this looks for O'Reilly and his agent. Especially the agent. This is standard negotiation stuff that the agent has encouraged his client to take offense over. All so the agent can make a (already failed) run at redefining the 2nd contract? Good lord this is pure insanity from the O'Reilly camp.

Not only you have to expect the other side to push back , but this pushing back and forth should stay between the agent and the team involve . A player shouldnt be aware of such basic tactic of negociations. You're absolutely right when you say that we should point out his agent . If everything is true, his agent is acting like a kid talking to an adult . Come on, this can't be serious

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