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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
Dude, read the whole thread before you put ridiculous nonsense into my mouth. I never once said the season was over or that the Kings wouldn't make the playoffs....I was talking about the horrible start of this team and discussing the streakiness, BIG ****IN DEAL. What the hell is wrong with some of you, it's a crime to criticize this team? It's taboo to point out the flaws and discuss negative aspects? Everything has to be sunshine and cupcakes or you are accused of trolling? Please tell me more about how great this season has been off to!
I did read each of your entire posts and when you use phrases like "OK with this team absolutely blazing through last years playoffs, winning the cup, bringing back the ENTIRE same team....but not making the playoffs?" and call the team "pathetic" or compare us with the Wings incorrectly and more what conclusions should I and others make?

I mean, I and others have said over and over how we aren't thrilled with how we have played so far but you use such absolutes in your posts that if you aren't saying there isn't any hope then it seems like most of us aren't getting what you are trying to say.

There are lots of people who have posted their complaints about specific aspects of our play since the start of the season so nobody is saying it is a crime to do so but then nobody has said that we are PATHETIC or that our entire team sucks etc yet either.

We have yet to have our "ENTIRE" team from last years cup run back on the ice this season. We are without two thirds of our D and are relying on a pure rookie and our #7dman to fill in for them. Willie is arguably our best pure defenceman (I would still go with DD but he is still learning his craft) and he hasn't played a single game for us and Greene is out indefinitely.

Those are two pretty big players to have to replace to start the season. I believe that if WM and MG where in the line up last night that we would have won that game and the same goes with our loss to Chicago too.

In order for our team to regain its form from last season it is either going to take time for our team to learn how to play together with two new Dmen in the line up (which impacts every player on the ice when they are out there) or for our entire team to return to play.

So again, nobody is saying that our start is going great but you are alone in freaking out over our hovering around the 500% mark and making harsh judgements after 7 games.

You also insist on calling us streaky but we aren't any more or less streaky then any other elite team after winning the cup. I gave you examples of what has happened with other teams after winning the cup and to me we are in the same boat only we are still the youngest team out of the teams that I listed.

Its fine to be frustrated but to freak out so early is just over reacting to me. You have posted how bad we are after 7 games and that is cool but you are getting allot of push back from most everyone and that is also cool.

We are having an average start after 7 games and are missing WM, MG and have missed AK for a game and he is clearly not playing at 100%. We are making changes and doing the best we can while we get ourselves better. No reason to panic or at least doing so now is at the very least premature but whatever floats your boat.

Nobody is saying it isn't alright to freak out and talk about how we won't make the playoffs or how huge our problems are after 7 games, most people are just saying that you are way over reacting but again, whatever.

Its your right to say what you want.

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