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Originally Posted by SFW View Post
I highly recommend friendship before dating somebody. Not to the point where she reveals her deepest secrets to you, but get to know her well. There needs to be a foundation first.
That's also the JCresty philosophy on relationships. It's very much like soups. You have your broth style soups and your cream based soup. It is much more easier to have flavors in a cream based soup because the cream is very fatty and can handle a lot of saturation of flavors without being put off balance. That's like a relationship... it's intense, it has a lot of strong flavors that doesn't need to be subtle or delicately incorporated. A friendship on the other hand is like a broth based soup. It's delicate and to layer flavors and characteristics in there, you need to be delicate, patient and know exactly how to build it up and layer the flavors in a way that will work long term as you add more flavors to it. The balance of sweet, salty, acidity, fat and spice if any needs a strong foundation one before the other. It needs long hours of cooking to extract flavors from fundamental core ingredients or else it'll taste like dish water or salty bland soup.

The friendship is like a broth and the relationship is like the cream based soup. I forgot what point I was trying to make. Right.

Even though that cream based soup can be made flavorful without excessive amounts of intricate and delicate layering of flavors and building of characteristics, it should be. Poorly made cream based soup can be rich and satisfying to begin but as time wears on, you'll start to be overwhelmed by the imbalance of acidity, salt, sweetness, spice or even just the excessively richness of the cream. You want it to be intense but also delicate and the only way to do that is the same way you would go about with a broth based soup: patiently, delicately and by building a solid foundation.

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