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02-03-2013, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by manilaNJ View Post
Every division out West spreads across at least 2 different time zones.
It's not really valid to halt a swap because of one more time zone issue.
Every division out West doesn't have much of a choice, due to the more difficult geography of teams. If you look at the NHL's more recent realignment plan, it basically was aiming to reduce the time zone differences within divisions as much as possible (as well rather obviously planning for an expansion to 32 teams).

The general rule for realignment will be no division should straddle more than 2 time zones, and should straddle only 2 if absolutely necessary. Assuming we do eventually end up with a 4 conference/division system (whatever you want to call it), you'll have 2 conferences exclusive with Eastern teams, 1 conference with a mix of Central and Eastern teams, and 1 conference with all the Pacific and Mountain teams.

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