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02-03-2013, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SFW View Post
You're 15, you've got time. My first serious relationship began right before I turned 16 and we were fairly close friends for a couple months beforehand. The tension was quite fun, when it wasn't unbearable. :b

Jason, on the other hand, at 20... might be time for him to start panicking.
OH ****! I've always had commitment issues so I'm not panicking much. It's an easier life to go around and enjoy the fun of it instead of finding a serious commitment. Although lately I do have to admit it's crossed my mind a few times.

Poker has taken up most of my childhood I'm sad to report The money now sits there as I sit here in solitude... I'm kidding. Things are fairly swell.

I've been more interested in rebuilding close friendships lately tbh. Bromances as they are called. Can I sign you up there SFW?*

*complimentary package of chocolates and tickets to Disney on Ice.

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