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02-03-2013, 11:06 PM
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So if what Dater is saying is true, then I have lost all respect for O'Reilly. If one of his big issues is that he wasn't given the C, thats insane. You don't play hockey for a letter on your shirt. You play for the love of the game. If it leads to one of those letters on your shirt all the more power to you, but there have been plenty of great players that weren't captains. You didn't see Peter Forsberg having a hissy fit and refusing to sign because Joe Sakic was captain. Its just a letter on your jersey, the team/management decided that they liked Landeskog as captain, so what? It doesn't mean they hate O'Reilly as a player, it means that they liked Landeskog more as a captain. Most players would be fine with that and try to prove to the team they were worthy of an A, but O'Reilly pulls a poor me and has a hissy fit.

Also to compare himself to E Kane is ridiculous. Kane has out performed O'Reilly offensively every year except their rookie season. Unfortunately the way people are paid in this league is by offensive stats. I think someone else made the comment of Phil Kessel gets paid more than Bergeron, but that doesn't mean I'd rather have Kessel, it just shows that offensive stats are the most important component to getting paid in this league.

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