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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
And if some guy manages to develop some new PED and shatters all of Gretzky's records you're cool with this?

As for it not being fair... of course PEDs aren't fair and of course its cheating. Some guys use and some guys don't. And some guys have better drugs... There's nothing fair about this.
It would be pretty awesome to see someone break gretzky's records. Was it not great when mcguire beat home run record? Its only because they found out he was doping that they cried that it wasn't fair.

Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
You say control, test and ban the cheaters. I say let them 'cheat'. If everyone is cheating, atleast it's fair. Is sleeping in an elevation chamber cheating? It increases red blood cells. But then so does EPO which is illegal. It's their bodies, let them do what they want. We won't agree on the subject anyways..
Thats the problem a lot of them are cheating and the public is so naive to think it is only a few individuals. All sports have this problem! I just find it hilarious that people who probably never even been good at sports or don't understand the mentality of trying to be the best you can be even through scientific ways will cry that it is cheating.

Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
Which is why people use them smartly and cycle them. Nobody stays on them all year except pro bodybuilders, and even they go through cycles of high dosages followed by very low dosages. I suspect athletes cycle during the playoffs and during the off season training, and simply use stims during the season.

Testosterone isn't more dangerous then alcohol or tobacco. You can even die by taking too much advil. There is a smart way to use (not abuse) PEDs and I suspect many athletes are even doing it under doctor supervision.
People with this imagined high morality thinking that it is not ok. Yet you said it yourself everything has harmful effects. Most smart atheletes go see a doctor or someone that monitors them and make sure everything is alright.

Originally Posted by Galchenyuk94 View Post
I'm just saying that pro athletes have good nutrition habits, and the average North American has average to bad eating habits, who is doing more damage to their body?

I won't shed a tear for the athletes health, just like I won't get angry when I see an overweight man eating french fries. They are doing it to themselves.

Lying to kids and it not being fair for the athletes that don't juice are arguments that make me say control, test and ban. But it's just not going to happen, which is why I say level the playing field.
Very good point

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
This is just too simple. You cannot think like that, at the end of the day we all love sports and we just need to make it better.

Its not fair for people who dream of playing in this league...
Ask me what's my biggest dream ? Well NHL hockey for sure. If I was in the AHL would I do ANYTHING to get to the next level ? Sure as hell.
It's just about making it fair for every one and to make it more ''morally acceptable'' nothing else.
I wouldn't be surprised if most enforcers use PED's and they are all 4th liners. Justbecause you may take PED's doesn't mean you will be a 1st line player and break records. Some might take it and be an ahler all their lives. Some might take them and play beer league all their lives(which I've seen). Mind you I'm a decent hockey player and I've played with guys who take steroids and I'm better than them.

The only real good reason atheletes shouldn't take PED's are for influence on kids. But in the end those kids when growing up and make it to the bigs will have to make a choice. unfortunately there will always be PED's that cannot be detected and like a previous poster quoted you'd be pretty dumb to get caught doping.

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