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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
I have a question about sharpening. Since day one I've been running with 1/2" hollow. Lately it's felt to have too much bite, and I find my skating to be a lot better as it dulls to it's next sharpening appt. I'm 5'10 145 and I have good leg strength, my forward stride is faster than most on the ice a lot of games. Am I ready for a more shallow hollow? If I am overestimating my skating ability, will I lose too much turning ability to cope? I'd love some thoughts from experience!
I'm 5-10 164, and use 11/16ths. I could get away with 5/8ths if I had to, but the 11/16ths work perfectly. As soon as the skates are sharpened I can get on the ice with no chatter when initially stopping, no need to grind them down a little, but with massive glide and speed. I've found I am much faster in straight aways with this rather flatter hollow than before, not that I could be considered fast by any means.

I tried each cut from 7/16ths up and have found my perfect cut, so I'd recommend doing the same until you reach yours.

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