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02-03-2013, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by driller1 View Post
It was a major fail because

1) You created the thread with 20 games remaining in the season, and there was no way the season was over at that time, for us or any other team sans EDM or CBJ.
2) While the Kings barely made the playoffs, they also barely missed out on a Pacific title as well
3) In case you missed it, the Kings won the Stanley Cup. Our season was hardly over when you made the thread. MAJOR FAIL
1) it was a prediction, and a pretty good one based on where the team was headed at that point.

2). We've already gone over this 100 times.

3) I was the first one to come back and eat crow, and admit I was wrong. So why this needs to be covered again, I have no idea....probably someone thinks their clever and is going to call me out. Awesome.

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