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02-03-2013, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by SFW View Post
I looked at a few commercials just to see who companies found worthy of pandering to this year and Chrysler put out some ****** Jeep commercial full of jingoistic garbage. American flags everywhere, troops coming home from battle, panning over a field of grain. Makes you feel like you personally stormed the beaches of Normandy.

And I can't be mad at Chrysler because they're just pandering to a market that has already been developed. Their job is to sell cars and the concepts of nationalism and American superiority have been pounded into the brains of Americans from the age of 5.
Car commercials, TRUCKS commercials are the worst. The bottom line is basically, if you don't want to buy, drive and **** this car, then you're not a man and you don't have a ****. Voices of the voice actors are so deep that if it had no context to it, you'd think it's a humorous bacon cheeseburger commercial where they're trying to make the bacon sound seductive. It's basically IRRELEVANT FACT, IRRELEVANT FACT, DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE THIS TRUCK? IRRELEVANT FACT, EGO BOOST, OH YEAAAA. Ford.

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