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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Being in the playoffs every year improves the odds of winning the cup. The more times you get a crack at it, the more likely that you will eventually get it.
That's a pretty narrow view of the situation. It's true in some basic "boundary-condition" sense, but devoid of any sort of strategy, beyond goosing the throttle on every UFA and trade deadline because "this might be our year."

Having more talent on your team, especially elite talent, probably improves the odds that you'll win the cup in the next few years more than simply squeaking in. If your team is already among the best teams in the league, then what you said is certainly true; however, we are not one of the best teams in the league. It stands to reason that we ought to be improving the chances we do have in any given playoffs, rather than concentrating on making every playoffs.

Drafting isn't the only way to get elite talent into your organization: it just happens to be the best way. Elite talent in your organization is also not a sufficient condition for winning the cup; however, it is necessary.

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