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02-03-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by driller1 View Post
I will give you credit for coming back and eating crow- props to you for that.

However, my original point remains. No need to get too high after a winning streak nor too low after a losing streak. As a fan, you just gotta keep the faith and cheer the team on. That's why we're fans, right? This isn't life or death. This is our hobby, our passion.

I've been through way too many crappy seasons to know the feeling of SUCK. I don't have the same feeling this year- I honestly feel like we can turn it around. We're not playing well right now. We all see that. But we know what the boys are capable of. They've earned the benefit of the doubt.
See, maybe were not that far apart after all because I agree with everything you just wrote....believe it or not, I feel the same. I DO believe this team can turn it around, but yet would not be surprised if they didn't (why is that????). So rather that gloating about their hot start, I'm harping about the bad start, why is that a forbidden topic?

This isn't like every other season, their are new expectations for this organization....and digging themselves in their usual hole should not be acceptable.....I guarantee its not to Lombardi, and it shouldn't be to the fans either. But it is what it is, it's what we're accustomed to....

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