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02-04-2013, 12:14 AM
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Albeit it's very, very early, but if you look around the NHL these first few weeks have the makings of a weird season. Obviously with the lockout and the shortened season a team gets hot and another one has a tough stretch and the impacts are greater than normally. But also if you look right now a lot of teams that were supposed to be dominating are struggling and you have others that are surprising. There are no long western road trips this year, it's basically just a sprint and it somehow feels like anyone could take it for some reason.

If you look at Montreal right now there's a good vibe, guys are buying into what is being preached by the coaching staff and you are seeing results. Again, it's early and how long that lasts who knows. We also haven't seen this team play Boston or Pittsburgh who are imo the teams to beat in the East. However, when you have a guy like Price who can steal you the odd game for sure anything can happen. Not to mention it doesn't feel like this team has peaked yet, quite the opposite. It seems to keep getting better as they play more games. Scoring is coming from everywhere which is always a good sign and the D is a big help there. The defense is underrated on this team in my opinion. Almost all of them are good puck movers so the transition game is strong, and that generates a lot of offense. For a quick team like the Habs it makes them that much harder to contain. The D is also surprisingly physical and they block a lot of shots. It's deeper and overall better than I thought it would be so far.

I'm no goalie expert, but I noticed Price seems to be refining his game outside the net handling the puck. It's a huge plus for the Habs. It pretty much forces other teams to either carry the puck in or dump it perfectly in the no-play zone. It compliments the kind of D the Habs have quite well. It helps with breakouts. He also clears the puck out himself on the PK almost once or twice a game. It's like having a 3rd defenseman back there. He seems to see the puck really well through traffic too and sucks up rebounds. He's giving the Habs the kind of goaltending that can steal you games. And so far I don't think the Habs have stolen any of their wins. So yeah, if the team stays relatively healthy, and they keep improving as a group and having special teams success I'd say anything could happen this year.

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