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02-04-2013, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by TwoPadStack View Post
Dater knows nothing. Sorry. Just absolutely nothing. Evander Kane? When was he ever brought up? Captaincy was discussed, yes, but that wasn't a tipping point and O'Ry knew back in July that he wasn't amongst the final 3 choices for captaincy. I won't mention the stupid crap the Avs pointed out because I'm accused of just being a biased friend, but we'd all feel offended in that situation after busting our *** and "overachieving" while overpaid primadonnas or pampered shiney toys underachieved.
Welcome to the real world. When you're a career 0.45 PPG guy coming off your ELC asking for a lot of money the employer will object and point to reasons why you shouldn't make $5M/year or whatever. It's their job, just as it is O'Reilly's agents job to completely ignore the first two years of his NHL career and claim he should get paid purely from the third.

It's business. But by the way you write about it, it seems it's mostly emotional for him. That makes him silly and his agent unprofessional. His agent knows it's just business, so why does he let his client get all sulky?

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