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02-04-2013, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Afam View Post
Ha Ha. What's your Trick. Skipping Posts?. Plus i am going to start using the ignore button as my best friend Don't have time. for people trying to teach other posters the English Language.
Yeah, I agree with all your sentiments here about Seguin. Its a shame that people are ******** for whatever reason and want to point out some gramatical mistakes. Look its 2013 folks lots of people type like they talk on a chatroom and furthermore might be posting from a smartphone which will further make grammatical mistakes more common. I'm with you Afam you don't come here to get that kind of **** and shouldn't put up with it. Of course the person going after you notoriously likes to bully others when the opportunity arises. Its one thing to go after hockey opinions if you disagree but that other stuff is just dumb and I don't wanna read it.

I think Seguin had the misfortune to not only lead the team in scoring before he was developed, but he also went to Europe and dominated. And therefore he thinks he is a star already. The truth is he is somewhat soft, somewhat lazy compared to his teammates, and he doesn't do the little things a guy like Bergeron does.

Very talented but despite the talent there is a fine line between being a superstar and an underacheiver.

Look how much better Krejci is this year now he is fully healthy and isn't having morons drop plexiglass on him. Last year he wasn't 100% and people got frustrated with him even though he is a great player. He's been our best one so far.

I wish Seguin didn't lead us in scoring last year and could be sent a message that playing soft like Kessel won't be tolerated. And I wish he had been able to play in Providence this fall since dominating Switzerland wasn't good for him (unless he wants to go be a star in the KHL.)

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