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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
^^^Chris Chase is an idiot. I thought the call with running into the kicker was the right call. dont think there was any malace there.
It wasnt a well officiated game by any stretch, but I still feel the refs should of kept the flags in the pockets at the end on that 4th down play. Crabtree was pushing off as well.
With the rules that greatly benefit offensive players I was suprised at the nocall actually. That was not a good throw by Kapernick anyway.
NFL rules are so tough to follow, so I could see where you might make a mistake on roughing versus running into the kicker.

There doesn't have to be any malice though, the official rule is that if significant contact is made with the non-kicking foot (the plant foot as occurs in this case) and the kicker is taken to the ground, it's supposed to be the 15 yard roughing of the kicker. It was a reckless play and deserved the 15 yard variety and in any other game this season, it would've been a 15 yarder. You cannot make contact to the back of a kicker's plant leg and cause injury and get away w/ nothing but a retry of the kick.

I can understand where you say no harm was meant by the defensive player (and I agree). And I can understand where you feel there wasn't a ton of contact or a really brutal collision (I agree), but by the letter of the NFL rules, that was a 15 yard roughing the kicker penalty.

I would also like to hear your opinion of the 3rd down helmet to helmet hit that I posted. To me, that's a clear-cut personal foul penalty and an automatic first down. The Ravens player deliberately ran through Crabtree's helmet.

As far as the 4th down play goes, we'll have to agree to disagree. I cannot fault Crabtree for trying to push off after it's clear he's being held and the refs aren't going to do anything about it. I would've been fine w/ a 5 yard defensive holding penalty, it didn't need to be a pass interference, but something needed to be called there. You cannot grab onto a WR w/ both hands and hold on for dear life on what was essentially the last chance for the 49ers. Also, while that ball might not have been the best throw ever, it was catchable and I think Crabtree makes that catch if he's not held. The ball only landed a foot or a foot and a half out of bounds and Crabtree is 6'2. The holding significantly impeded him.

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