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02-04-2013, 01:37 AM
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Based on the teeth attached to this post, you seem like one of those that expects the puck all the time and passes as a last resort.
I play goalie, so no. You'd be wrong. However, I do appreciate it quite a bit when people pass it back to me and I get a chance to practice saucing it out.

Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
In other words guys that say (by skating), "Look at me, I can stickhandle like Datsuk!", and lose it 1/2 the time.
You've missed the point here and taken a defensive stance because you are wrong on this topic.

You can still pass plenty at pick up without resorting to dump and chase. The best pick ups are the one where everyone can skate, stick handle, and generally play hockey, but also everyone distributes. No one is skating the puck up and down the ice on their own going 100 percent speed. Everyone is passing together, no one is shooting through other people, and absolutely no one is dumping it in and chasing it as a repeated tactic. It's when you have a 2 on 0 and the two players pass back and forth a bunch of times or try to score in a creative way. It's when, as someone mentioned earlier, when the goalie makes a save and the puck is basically covered you don't have some moron whacking away at the pad and trying to dig it out from a goalies five hole.

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