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02-04-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
I would also like to hear your opinion of the 3rd down helmet to helmet hit that I posted. To me, that's a clear-cut personal foul penalty and an automatic first down. The Ravens player deliberately ran through Crabtree's helmet.

As far as the 4th down play goes, we'll have to agree to disagree. I cannot fault Crabtree for trying to push off after it's clear he's being held and the refs aren't going to do anything about it. I would've been fine w/ a 5 yard defensive holding penalty, it didn't need to be a pass interference, but something needed to be called there. You cannot grab onto a WR w/ both hands and hold on for dear life on what was essentially the last chance for the 49ers. Also, while that ball might not have been the best throw ever, it was catchable and I think Crabtree makes that catch if he's not held. The ball only landed a foot or a foot and a half out of bounds and Crabtree is 6'2. The holding significantly impeded him.
never noticed at at the time but it should of been a penalty. I think its very debatable if that was a "catchable" ball or not. Does he get to that spot as well? Who knows.
No denying it wasnt the best officated game. There was the offside on Reed on the 2 point conversion as well. Too bad SF waited until after the power outage to start moving the ball. They may have won the game.

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