Thread: Confirmed with Link: II. New Logos and Green Uniforms for 2013-14
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02-04-2013, 04:25 AM
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i wish i knew where they were. my guess is that they were left up in minnesota.

if you remember when the stars retired broten's 7, it was at reunion arena, with a dallas stars logo on it. it was a full-sized banner just for him, and we hadn't put up anything for goldy or masterton yet.

i know that when they put up the celtics-style "all on one" banner, they took down the broten banner and gave it to him... they also made a claim that in the future, they'd hang a banner up for that player for one season, then take it down and give it to the player and add them to the all-in-one retirement banner.

i have a feeling that's not going to be the case though, since i don't think anyone is left over from the management that said that.

it'll be interesting to see what they do when they retire modano's number. i'd like to see them put up individual banners for all 3 north stars, with the north stars logo on it (or at least the ST^RS logo, without the word DALLAS over it, if we want to be ******* about it), then give modano a matching banner with either the same ST^RS logo, or the one with dallas over it.

i'd hate to see them put the north stars numbers on one banner but give dallas players their own, because that's a bit unfair to broten who is both, just like modano is... but i'd hate even more to see them take down the ugly all-one-banner and not have anything up there for those 3 guys.

someone give gaglardi my number, and we'll talk.

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