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02-04-2013, 04:40 AM
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Swedish forwards development

Lately we saw several swedish defensemen rise to fame in NHL. Karlsson, OEL, Hedman, slightly older Edler. Larsson and Brodin are really promising aswell.

However development of swedish top forward prospects has been concerning as of late.

Tedenby-not a bust yet, but heading to that direction. Will be 23 y.o. this year and still has to make NHL roster permanently.
Kruger-Wasn't a top prospect at his draft year, but went to NHL very soon, playing his 2nd season in NHL and still doesn't produce offensivly.
Johansson-had a decent season last year, but struggles this year
Paajarvi-swedish best offensive talent in years, was great at WC when he was 20, now at 22 y.o. is almost 0,5 PPG in AHL and is shaping into a 3rd liner at best.
Lander-was a promising offensive player when he was drafted, now is shaping into a pooor-mans Sami Pahlsson.
Josefson-Stagnates at NHL level for 3rd season already.

I'm not insisting they are busts or that being a Sami Pahlsson clone is a bad thing. What is the point of discussion is IMO that all those guys went to NHL a year or 2 too soon. Our best young forwards in NHL at the moment are probably Landeskog, who is an OHL product and also Ullstrom and Hagelin who were never considered to be top prospects and not many people expected them to be NHLers.
Even Silfverberg for example looks to be much more credible in NHL than let's say Paajarvi though the thought of this in 2009 or even in 2010 was laughable.

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