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Originally Posted by pete goegan View Post
I'll not argue with the rest, but as for the above...

How can a young man who likes to party complain that he's been dumped into a town with more than 20,000 college girls within 5 miles of his workplace? That's rediculous!
You do realize when Carter was traded here he was 27? I doubt if chasing 18-22 yo tail down at Park Street was a fun night out for him.
Columbus for all the good things does not have a night life that compares to a large city. Most of the places where the college girls hang out, there is a major problem, all the college guys hang out there too.
The players want exclusive clubs, places where they could have fun and not be bothered (and have pictures constantly taken). Columbus really doesn't have much of that. I mean wasn't it Brule who got knocked out at Red White and Boom (it wasn't in the news, but right in front of the arena, and it was one of our #1 picks but not 100% certain it was Brule).

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