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02-04-2013, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by pvr View Post
I'll preface what I write by saying that I'd like to play hockey as "poorly" as Kruger. I believe that he has above average hockey sense, and that allows him to overcome a bit his below average hockey skills.

The obsessions actually started with two posters who wouldn't stop with the rhetoric about what a great player he was/is, about his phenomenal contributions to the Hawks last/this year, and about how "he is getting better and better" (I surely hope so, as he has a lot of room to grow, so to speak). I'm tired of reading about all of the hype and excuses some people here make for him. It forces the rest of us to offer contrarian responses.

Well, he's defensively responsible, but really that's about it. He's made the most of his PK opportunities, and for that I'm grateful. He hustles and backchecks hard, and I really like his overall effort level.

However, if he aspires to be great defensively, he would find a way to win 55% of his faceoffs. Faceoffs are extremely important, as MM outlined. (Anyone who remembers Mikita's prowess would agree.) He gets pushed off the dot frequently, and his weak arm strength also causes him to lose the draw (as well as have a pathetic shot). His best chance to win is a clean pull, though he has a few cute moves that give him a few more wins. It also frustrates the heck out of me when he can't clear the puck out of our zone because he's weak and clears with the authority of a midget-level hockey player.

He's obviously challenged offensively. He doesn't pass or stick-handle particularly well, doesn't snipe, isn't fast, and his "go-to" move is going to the net to get a rebound. He still gets knocked down on the boards and in front of the net with regularity. Can you disagree with any of that???

He certainly seems better this year than last (damning with faint praise), and I attribute that to his time spent in the AHL. Right now he's a passable fourth line center on the Hawks. Anything more on this team andI know that I'll not be happy with our personnel.

Right now, in my wildest imagination, I can't visualize that he'll ever be an adequate second line center on any playoff-bound team in the NHL, let alone on the Hawks. He might rise to third line center, but I hope we have better optons than him on this team in that role.
just show me when Hoss or I have started anything about Krüger in the past 1 1/2 years. We just respond.

Krüger plays better than you describe him. He can rush the puck up ice into the opponents zone, he did it more than once this season. He isn't strong but he knows how to play in the NHL with his "weakness".
Really, the hate he gets here is laughable. He's a ****ing 4th liner and does his job more than good. He's our #4C for gods sake.

Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
Not if... the Flames won 10 more draws and 10 more opportunities of puck possession. Just as playing from behind is draining, so is playing without the puck. That's why the rink is tilted, so to speak, when you are on the opponents' side of center with the puck. Everyone has a little more gas with the biscuit than without.

Those lost faceoffs will kill us going forward, no doubt at all.
funny that the last 2 games I've seen were won by the 2 teams that lost more draws than they could win. One was the hawks and the other was my hometown team beating the other team 5-2 after they played worse than peewees for 3-4 games.

There are way more things in hockey that will win you games than winning faceoffs. They are important and help you a bit but calling out players because they lost draws is laughable

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