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Originally Posted by UNB Bruins Fan View Post
They will have a very, very young team for sure.

They will be losing 6 guys for sure - LaCosta, Fullerton, Pridham, Swan, Campbell, Denny - since they are all 5th years. That's the most 5th year players I can ever remember them having.

They have 24 guys listed on their roster right now so they will need to bring in at least 4 new guys (to get to the cap of 22) + whatever 4th years will need to be replaced. We know Thomas and Lavigne are both in the fold so that means at least 2 recruits. I assume Lynes will be officially off the roster next year so that will free up another spot, but it will be interesting to see what will happen with all of the other 4th year guys and who will decide to come back for their 5th year. I can't imagine all 7 of the other guys (Kidd, Wright, Shutron, Todd, Priamo, Culligan, Fillier) being back though. After losing Gallant/Harty/Stamler last year it looks like the D could be taking another massive hit with 6 guys either being in their 4th (Todd, Kidd, Priamo, Shutron, Wright) or 5th (Denny) year.

Should make for a fun summer...
Here are the 5th year and Done for sure guys as you said
1. Travis Fullarton
2. Dan Lacosta
3. Bryce Swan
4. Colby Pridham
5. Chad Denny
6. Dion Campbell

4th year and questionable
1. Josh Kidd (I Believe is done do to his full year in Pro Hockey)
2. Tim Priamo
3. Daine Todd
4. Ben Wright
5. Matt Fillier
6. Ben Shutron
7. Chris Culligan
8. Luke Lynes (with next seasons Roster Cap UNB will not waste a spot on Luke - Concussion)

That Leaves UNB with the Following Players for sure
F-Antoine Houde Caron
F-Cam Braes
F-Nick MacNeil
F-Taylor Macdougall
F-Cam Critchelow
F-Tyler Carroll
F-Stefan Saluturo
F-Thomas Nesbitt

D-Marc-Antoines Desnoyers
D-Adrian Robertson

By UNB Standards Their will be alot of holes to fill, looks like a Big Overhaul on D, with the exception of Braes, MacNeil, Carroll and Nesbitt in that group, they need some guys that can regularly Score!

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