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02-04-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Come on, Draft Pick and Cap Space are the two best players you can have.

They sell tickets and keep both your fans (especially season ticket holders and corporate suites) and your stockholders happy, very happy, because they know, there's always a bright future ahead, always ahead.
Right, we CAN'T trade him. Just like you said we COULDN'T trade Koivu...

The only reason we might not actually be able to deal him is if he's got a NTC and exercises it. Otherwise we should consider offers. Stupid not to do this and we should have learned our lesson from previous debacles.
Originally Posted by Whereabouts Unknown View Post
Not to mention the message it sends in lockeroom.. If you're in your 30s, playing great see yuhhh.. Also sends a bad message to fans after last years debaucle
Depends on the return. If we get something strong back then it sends a message that we're serious about going for a cup. It also sends a message to the room that mgmt believes that the team is good enough to win without him. Same message as when we dealt away Huet.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I dont think we should pull the trigger so easily. It really depends on the return and where we are.
Ottawa was expected to be one of the worse teams last year, add in a new coach+system, and the growth of a Norris winner, all of a sudden they become a strong team.
It wouldn't surprise me if the same happened here.
If Markov stays healthy, and Price plays as well as he has, with our current depth, I don't think we should move Markov if we get a good return.
Having Someone like Markov not only helps our team tremendously, but he's a great model to have for the youngsters, and we have a lot of those.
So, I wouldn't just move him because we get a good value for him. I think a solid two way veteran on Defense would become a need if we move him, so we would need to get one in return.
Also, there's been a common factor every year we were great on the PP, Markov. So if we move him, we better make sure that whoever we have can make it work.
Absolutely. If we come through the season at the top of the standings and all of a sudden it looks like we actually have a shot at something then sure keep him. But if we're struggling for a playoff spot? Different story.
Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
It really all depends on where you see our 'window'. Are we chasing a Cup this year and next when Markov is still in his prime, or does the real window only open in a couple of years as he starts to decline?

If you believe we've suddenly become a legit contender, Markov obviously needs to stay. He's terrific. But as much as I'm loving our bounce-back, I don't believe our team can withstand the inevitable injuries and slumps to make a serious run this season (I'd love to be wrong!). I believe that this current team will bounce us no higher than back to bubble status -- a first-round playoff exit, possibly second -- which means I see Markov as the most valuable asset we have to secure our future.

I love the guy and admit it'll be tough to replace the Markov we're seeing with any upcoming prospect or through a trade. Unfortunately, it'll be just as tough to replace the Markov we're seeing with the future Markov we WILL see in two or three more years. We can't freeze-dry him, so the chances are that by the time the Habs are solid contenders, Markov will be on the decline. The amazing talent he's showing now may not be there later, so why not get something while we can? I'm not unsentimental, I get why people want to honour a classic player by letting him fade into the sunset with a Habs jersey on his back. But if we do that, chances are there won't be a Cup ring on his finger. Instead, let the season play out and see which GMs come shopping for a great D. Imagine adding another Gallagher, Pacioretty or Emelin to our roster, then imagine the difference that'll make in three years when Galchenyuk's become a PPG player and Tinordi and Beaulieu are part of our D.
Exactly. Great post.

And the window for winning might be a lot earlier than we expected. I figured Galchenyuk would be a rookie next year and if we were lucky would start to really produce the year after that. If he's a point per game player this year though? Then the window for winning has opened now and that totally changes things.

Carey Price is an ace. Subban is a legit first pairing guy and we've had secondary scoring masquerading as top scoring. If we can actually add in a guy who's an 80 point player our team is going to be a lot stronger than its been. And maybe the window with Markov opens now.

If we go into one of our trademark slides though and we're struggling for the playoffs, we should definitely look at dealing him. Your point on freeze drying him is great. It's a diminishing return so it all comes down to whether or not we have a realistic chance of winning now. If we do, then its a different story.
Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
We'll know if we're a legit contender come trade deadline. If we are in a playoff spot, we've got to make a run at the Cup. That means Markov stays... It's a shortened season 1 or 2 good teams might not have time to make the playoffs. If there's a season where all bets are off, it's this one.
On the other hand, if we're at least a few points away from 8 spot, I think there's some vets that could be unloaded for picks and prospects... Worse spot would be if we're in 11-10-9th place come trade deadline, where we'd look for value trades...
That's true. Very bipolar season and its weird seeing some top teams struggle. If we got in we just might get an easy ride with the shortened season.

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