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02-04-2013, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
I don't recall having any personal problems in the past with you Jiggy, so correct me in that regard if I am incorrect. But changing the discussion from Despres to Harrington is either simply moving the goal-posts in the argument, or the issue is personal.
I had a person tell me he wished Jagr would bang my mother, and she was dying of cancer at the time, simply because I kept insisting he didn't care about Pittsburgh. I never held a grudge over that, because I don't take this place seriously. So trying to insist I have a personal thing with you isn't the right tree to bark up.

You made the claim in previous discussions with me that Harrington was ready to jump into the NHL next season. I told you he wasn't physically ready IMHO.

Now you tell me how I'm wrong Despres will stay up and that the Pen's brass love to ripen their prospects.

I simply pointed out how you are contradicting yourself and that DB is the one who said Despres isn't being evaluated.

Getting back to Harrington: Harrington is just as big/strong and is more physical than Paul Martin RIGHT NOW. Harrington has tremendous character and work ethic, and I would say that he is our 3rd smartest player in our organization behind Crosby and Malkin, or at the very least in the top-5 if you want to include guys like Sutter & Letang in there. Anyway, I'm not talking out of my ass with this player. Did you know that he trains with Taylor Hall and Hall's dad in the summers? (I do, because I know Taylor and his family). I also know other trainers and therapists who have worked with Scott, and I know a couple of guys in the London organization, both some players as well as other people within their team/organization. This isn't blind homerism. I have watched this player the better part of 100 times since he has been drafted, and I can tell you that he has made pretty significant strides in his skating, strength and physicality since last year. If he continues at the same rate, or even if he were to stagnate, I have ZERO doubt that he could play in our top-6 next season, when we may need some cheap talent to replace Martin and/or Orpik for cap reasons, or to bring in talent up front.
I like Harrington and have had only good things to say about him. However, NHL players train just as hard and are physically mature. He isn't country strong like Morrow, which is why I'm positive that Morrow can play in the NHL now.

No matter how you try to sell this, you are contradicting yourself with insisting Harrington will jump straight to the NHL.

It's not like I'm twisting your argument here Jmelm.

Now, getting back to Despres: Again, I like him, and if we were dressing 7 Dmen every night, I would have no problem keeping him here. But when Nisky returns, if we have no other injuries, than Nisky is going to bump someone out of the line-up. The only two choices are Bortuzzo and Despres. Despres can be sent to the AHL, while Bortuzzo cannot, and thus would have to sit in the press box, which is the very definition of stagnating a young players' growth (your words). Where we diverge is that you think Despres has nothing left to learn at the AHL level; while I vehemently disagree because I only feel that way when a player has proven to be too good for that level (i.e. the way Jeffrey was when he was the best player in that league), or when you have a rare player who is so good that they can step into the NHL right out of junior and contribute, and yes: I think Harrington can be that guy.
Nisky was healthy when DB kept Despres on the roster out of camp and DB is the one who said it isn't an evaluation. These aren't things I'm making up. It's clear evidence DB wants him on the roster.

We will see what the next few weeks bring, but I can say both for waiver/roster purposes, as well as quality of play, that if I had to choose between one of Bortuzzo and Despres in the line-up right now, it would be Bort. If you disagree, that's fine; but just know that that decision either means Bortuzzo rots in the box, or that we are forced to trade one of Orpik/Martin/Niskanen -- and while that may happen in a year or two, I wouldn't do that this season when our goal is to win for the Cup.
I prefer both and the size they bring to the lineup.

The Kings won with a rookie in their top four and I'm confident Despres will be an asset by the time the playoffs roll around.

If his play considerably detororiates, then I have no problems sending him to the A. I said it would ****** his growth. I didn't say he was too good for the A. There is a huge difference.

For now, I see a guy who should be in the NHL and will progress much faster staying where he is.

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