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02-04-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Saundies View Post
Carey Price is a specific example about why we shouldn't freak out every single time a player has a bad stretch of games/year. If management would have went along with fan opinion a couple years ago, he'd be tearing it up in another team's colours and who knows where the Habs would be at the point.

I've always loved the guy and I think he's top 5 in the league. He's our highest paid player for a reason; because he is the franchise. More and more years under the lights and microscope in Montreal can only help him in terms of dealing with the intense pressure that goes along with it. And yes, I do believe if we make the playoffs this year, anything is possible with him in net. He's one of the goes goalies that has the potential to carry a team, a la Quick, Ward, Thomas, etc.
I've always believed that he could take a team to a cup and I've felt that he's been a top five goalie in this league for a while now.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Price was 19th in save percentage last year.

Lundqvist, Rinne, Quick, Thomas, Luongo, Miller, possibly all considered better than him, but I'm not sure.

He also wasn't on Team Canada in Sochi, Luongo, Brodeur, and Fleury were chosen ahead of him.

Price has certainly done well so far and certainly has potential, but before being considered elite he needs a couple of really dominant seasons under his belt, and they have to be consecutive.
He didn't have a great year but considering the team he was on it was more than respectable. He also logs way more icetime than almost any other goalie in the league. In my opinion Price is a top five goalie. Lundqvsit, Renne, Quick... Price isn't far off these guys at all and he's the youngest of the lot. One of these years (and it may be this season) he's going to establish himself as the best in the league.

Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
I remember '93 very well. We had no offensive stars, but we had a ton of solid scoring depth and a very tough group of guys - Muller, Keane, Damphouse, LeClair, Carbo, etc. But Roy was fantastic. There was nobody who combined focus, intensity and pure athletic skill like he did, and I say this having watched Ken Dryden through the 70s.

But '93 was more than an 'overachieving' team lucking its way to a bunch of overtime wins and a Cup. Our playoff record was 16-4, which is a rare level of dominance. We could've lost a couple of overtimes and still won the Cup.

Could this year's club make that kind of run? Price can. He's raised his play to a new high and is stealing goals he would've let in before. He's definitely the kind of goalie that can take a good team over the top to a Cup. But the rest of our roster of rookies and developing players is wayyy too fresh out of the oven to predict anything. This season is turning into a huge crapshoot. Washington and Philly as bottom-feeders? Tampa as a powerhouse? It's like the entire NHL shuffled the deck and started fresh, which was exactly what the Habs needed. All predictions are off... let's see how this Bizarro-World season plays out.
Price can absolutely be that kind of guy.

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