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02-04-2013, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Zeroknowledge View Post
There's no way they trade him if we are a playoff team, especially after last year's disaster.

On the other hand if we flop and aren't a playoff team I expect him to be shopped and also expect a massive return for him if he keeps up his play, can easily see a top prospect and a first back for him. Team will see the difference between the Habs with and without him and will pay a premium price.

Really, it's a win win for us, only bad thing that can happen if his knee busts up.
Here's the thing. I do not believe it is possible for BOTH of these two things to happen:

1. Markov is healthy and he keeps up his great play
2. Habs are not a playoff team

Of course we might not be a playoff team if Markov is hurt or sub-par, but that is not what is being assumed here. We are assuming great play, justifying a great return, while the Habs are crap.

Not happening.

So if Markov is healthy and playing great, and we are in the hunt, yet someone wants him, we need a hockey trade that includes significant assets NOW, not only futures.

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