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02-04-2013, 10:10 AM
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I find it interesting that the same "fans" who wanted to get rid of Markov before this season's start are the same ones who want to trade him now. They simple changed reasons. Before the start of the season. He's done for - he has nothing left. Now it's he's an elite player but won't keep his value.

First off Markov has shown that even though some of his physical attributes have deteriorated he is still an elite d-man. Markov is one of the few players that doesn't play on instinct but thinks the game. Like Lindstrom he'll be a very valuable until the day of his retirement. (Note for all those that can't read properly .I'm not saying he is as good Lindstrom. I'm saying he has the same ability as Lindstrom to retain his abilities to the very end of his career.

So what does that mean? That means that Markov at 36 will be better than Markov at 28. Why. Because he will play as well but he will be a mentor to our up and coming d-men.

He just turned 34 in Dec. I can see Markov playing another 4 years at this level. Forget the horsecrap that he could get hurt. Galchenyuk could get hurt - let's trade him. Gallagher could get hurt - let's trade him. Every player on the team could get hurt let's trade everyone.

If Columbus comes to us and offers Murray and two of their 1st round picks maybe I would be inclined (I said inclined) to trade Markov but otherwise he stays with the Habs.

Therrien has turned this team into a very competitive squad. I think our Stanley Cup window is within the next two-three years. In Those two-three years what does this team need? A rookie d-man and two top picks. Or a smart, at the top of his game, elite d-man?

I think keeping Markov would help us towards getting a Cup. Trading him means we're postponing our quest for the Cup.

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