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Originally Posted by Dr. Fire View Post
Redwings fans, well, it just seems to depend on the game. Some games that I have been to, they were respectable, and merely cheered for their team. Other times, totally obnoxious. So much so, that they were giving Pens fans a run for their money. I will admit, though, that usually in my experience they act pretty respectful, and merely cheer for their team.
Well experiences might differ. Luckily I haven't been surrounded by them the last couple of seasons, not sure how that is possible but I have been lucky. Having said that, before then they were pretty much elitist condescending dirt bags. Now that isn't exclusive to the Red Wings fans, but there are generally more of them.

Story comes to mind in our very early years, I think it was our first year. We were getting beat pretty badly and was talking trash. I turned around to him and explained that they better be kicking the crap out of us. We were an expansion team being outspent by 30+ million or whatever it was. I think they were in the high 50's and we were in the low 20's. That promptly started my changing their chant from "Lets go Red Wings" to "Drop dead Red Wings". It was amazing how quickly that stopped stopped the chants. I can't stand hearing that in our house.

What has been my biggest surprise is how friendly the Canadian fans have been over the years. Every one I've ever dealt with has expressed how they like the arena and the city.

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