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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Eller with the least TOI of almost all Habs, only Moen, Armstrong and Gallagher had less. Not much less.
Even with Eller's 10min TOI, he still managed 3 shots, and did ok.

WOW, it's a rollercoaster with Eller... Must be dificult to handle for him. He produces 3 points in one game and this is his reward?

Geez what a reward, way to give a guy incentive !

Fransie with -2 tonight

I watched the last 7 mins of the game, when I tuned in, it was 0-0..

BANG all of a sudden it's 3-0 Devils, I must have been bad luck

Frans still played an OK game and one of the goals was on the PK.

Peter Regin, once again INVISIBLE! And the ONLY sens player to be on ice during both Habs goals. So -2 for Regin who had 13.06 TOI and nothing to show for it!

NOW I truly have lost all hope for Regin.

They are really giving it to Regin in this thread:
That was one depressing danish night.
We hope for Eller to turn it around...and is awarded 4'th line (it least he seemed to do OK from what you say)!

Regin got his chance....replaced from 4'th to 2nd line and then he totally blows it. Being -2 and invisible is really not good. This was the chance where Ottawa wanted to check if he still had juice in the tank. If he is lucky he can hold his 4'th line spot and grind from there. But it's importent also to remember how little hockey he actually has played these last years. Probably he (sub- or wholly)conciously worry about his shoulder and that affects his overall focus??

Even Frans Nielsen with -2....that doesn't happen very often. NYI maybe blew a big chance for a playoff spot there. NJ just lost big time and had back to back matches meeting a rested NYI with home-ice advantage.

We certainly have rollercoster up and downs on this forum!

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