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Originally Posted by IceManCat View Post
I think Petro and Robak make the team within the next few years the other guys will play in San Antonio and wait for call ups
Possibly but I was just talking about everyone expected to play in San Antonio and getting enough ice time to develop properly.
Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
Agreed. Spots will be open soon with Weaver & Kuba most likely gone after next season. Not sure what happens with Kuli at that time as well and I don't know if Jovo will be able to finish out his contract due to age/health.

I hope Ellerby gets a season long look this year. I think he's been fine so far. Like to see more big hits from him like the one on Smith earlier.

Matheson, Bengtsson, and Racine I would think are at the least a few years away.

Yeah they are yrs away but they need proper ice time to develop. Kuba & Weaver are signed thru next season and unless we move them, that gives us no flexibility in having a guy like Robak get even a call-up when he's probably close to ready for that. Petrovic also should be ready next yr to get some call ups.

Good point about Ellerby and even now in the last 2 games, Strachan. I'd like to see them get more ice time but you see if we have a full lineup with Soupy, Kuli, Weaver, Kuba, Jovo, Guds that it'll be hard for them to get that consistently. Imagine next yr if Robak and/or Petrovic are proving they deserve the callup to, that makes it difficult.

Really, i'm thinking more about how to get everyone in the AHL the proper ice time to develop. I'm going to assume that going into next yr that the top 4 d-men in San Antonio will be Petrovic, Robak, Nash & Caruso (not necessarily the pairings but those 4 guys). I'm also going to assume that the team will want to bring in an additional veteran d-man too. So that leaves maybe 1 spot to be filled and we have guys like Racine that will be 20, Bengtsson who also will be 20 (though that doesnt matter since he was drafted from Europe), and we also have McFadden in the system and John Lee (while not signed by the Panthers by previously our draft pick) hasnt been bad in San Antonio. Gonna be hard to figure out ice time for all those new guys so they develop.
Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
McFadden isn't anything to write home about so I'm not worried if he doesn't get much ice time. Is Bengtsson definitely going to stay in N.A. to play pro? I think he might go back to Sweden and play in the Elitserien for a couple years.
Sure McFadden isnt that great of a prospect but I think the team has good hopes for him. Otherwise, I dont think they sign him for 3 yrs. He needs to work on his defensive game for sure but the guy showed in the OHL that he's got good offensive skills from the back end. I really hope he gets some AHL ice time next season to help with his development.

I dunno what the deal is with Bengtsson. But while his stats seem unimpressive, supposedly he's been solid playing in the USHL. I think the team probably wouldnt mind either way if he returned to SEL to play a few yrs but in San Antonio (or Cincy) they can control his ice time and how he develops a bit more. Since he's already over in NA, maybe they want him to stay.
Originally Posted by Rick Rypien Farts View Post
That's a good problem to have at the end of the day.. I would worry if we had a incompetent GM sitting with his finger on trigger. But, I trust Tallon to make wise decisions with these prospects.
It definitely is a good problem to have. I just wonder whether Tallon actually is going to keep all these guys or if he does plan on trading a few at some point. And really, I'm just wondering who he feels is trade bait at this point.

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