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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
From what I understand, Forsberg showed class, Skellefteå didn't.

Why wouldn't he want to complete his mission with a championship this spring? Even if they faced Modo in the playoffs, why the hell would he try to make his team lose against them?
Whilst I understand your viewpoint (and somewhat agree with it as well), I feel that there are other factors that we have to account for here. Firstly, it seems like a majority of the players were dissapointed by the news he delivered to them before the game against Växjö. I believe they have a big part in him being fired. It seems like they didn't think his focus was at them, but at his future. Secondly, there are rumours going around about him trying to recruit players for his future team (guessing MoDo) from the players that are without a contract for the next year. Most of these rumours have been around Möller. Now, I doubt this is actually true, but I fully understand Lasse Johansson and the directors if they become suspicious towards Forsberg if they hear these rumours. Lastly, it seems like the plan has been to not give him a contract offer anyway, which is a little strange to me, but it ties in well with the rumours of Lasse Johansson wanting a larger (and different role) role that is more closely tied to the team itself, and not the whole club.

Whether or not this will be good or not is a good question, all I can say is that we'll now have a very explosive duo with the players. Robertsson and Wallson are like nitroglycerin, whilst Klockare is more calm then... I don't know. He just seems to be on downers.

As for Forsberg... Well, I have no hard feelings towards the man. From what I know he's a classy gentleman, with a great sense for individual coaching and development. He'll do a good job with his new team if he is given the resources he needs and wants.

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