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02-04-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Drury_Sakic View Post
As much as people think PL will be around forever, I can only think that Sakic is being groomed to take the job sooner than later......and I think his impact on the team is being felt already. I would not be shocked to see Sakic named President as soon as this summer...and at the latest in 2014.

PA was a Sakic signing. I would be he had his say in signing Zanon and Mitchell as well. Both those signings look good thus far and the PA signing could be the best the UFA signings.

As far as Sherman goes, arguably he should have gotten more for Liles, but I think he was under a ton of pressure to trade his contract. The Johnson-Stewart trade is clearly still up for debate, but that is still years in the making. The McGinn and Downie trades were at the worst good deals for the Avs. The Anderson trade was one of necessity, even though Anderson has excelled, so has Elliott, just not with the Avs sadly. Point being, his (and his staffs) talent analysis has been spot. Drafting has also been good, though the higher picks do help. Mueller and Flash were both great trades based on the talent that was brought in....what happened to both was to a certain extent unforeseeable.

Honestly the O'Reilly situation is the first thing I think Sherman has totally misjudged and bungled...and up until now the contracts Sherman has signed have been good to great value wise with players.

Name a horrible contract that Sherman has signed that is holding the Avs back from bringing in a better player or will cause them to lose a player in the future....or a horrible trade he has made? If Matt Hunwick is the worst you can do, on both fronts, well...

Not everything he has done has been a home run, but he has done a ton with an ownership group that is constantly cutting him off at the knees.

Only other things you can really "blame" Sherman for is not being able to name his own coaches and not being able to unlock the purse strings....both of which are frankly out of his hands.
Until more comes out I don't think we can judge that situation yet. My opinion right now is that both parties have a lot of fault, but we don't know the whole story right now (and we may never know).

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