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02-04-2013, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ChiHawk21 View Post
This is rediculous...u agree they are exhausted right? why would it matter if it was acceptable at this point. Bag skating them would make them more tired and cost the team points. and no it wouldnt help them later in the year, they would burn out. You obviously havnt played hockey before.

Also calgary had played like 1 game in the past 6 days or somthing so they were fresh. and they arnt that bad.
Bag skating them would make them tired now, but would most definitely improve their conditioning right now too. I didn’t say bag skate them all year, yes, that would burn them out. But if you bag skate them on this trip, they will be in better shape for the end of the year, and can rest then.

I have played tons of hockey, and when we had a bad game where we looked flat or burned out, our coach would try to improve our conditioning. How do you improve conditioning? It’s not done by giving your team a rest at practice or taking days off.

Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
However, I was disappointed with the effort in Minnesota. The Wild were playing their 3rd game in 4 nights while the Hawks just had a 2 night break. That should have been a dominating performance by the Hawks.
Bingo, Wild were playing 3 in 4 nights, so they should have been dead tired whereas the Hawks should have been completely rested, but the Wild put up a good fight and didn’t get nearly as dominated as the Hawks did against Calgary. If it was 50 games in and we had back to backs with 3 in 4 nights, being tired would be understandable. We are 9 games into the season and our guys are dead tired already? They are clearly not in shape 100%, and they should be.

What is the excuse going to be if CHI comes out flat against SJ? “THEY ARE TIRED!!! THEY JUST PLAYED 4 GAMES IN 7 NIGHTS!!!”, “ THEY JUST PLAYED 10 GAMES IN 18 NIGHTS!!!” The schedule isn’t getting any better. Get in shape now, and secure a spot in the top 4 for the playoffs, then take some rest before the real games start.

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