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02-04-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
Shame that Anderson was played in every game to finish out that "tank" year. Horrible decision that hurt the immediate success and long-term success of the team. How good would Ottawa look with Landeskog in the line-up right now.
I completely disagree. Winning at the end of that season is still paying benefits to the franchise. The immediate success helped to set the table for a winning attitude that was brightened by the great new coach the next season. Condra and Greening emerging at the end of that season was the first big addition to the young deep new core we are developing.

So let's say we kept Eliott that season and never trade for Anderson. We go through the motions and end up being able to draft Landeskog 2nd overall. I think Anderson + Zibanejad >>> Landeskog. Without Anderson it is unlikely we would have had a hope in hell of making the playoffs last year.

I don't understand why so many people on these boards are in love with the idea of "tanking". It is the worst possible idea.

So before the last 25 games of the season in 2010/2011 when we get Anderson and start this turnaround this is our core that is still with the team:

Early 2010/11

By end of 2010/11 added to the actual NHL "core" of today (and it is IMPORTANT to recognize that Murray signed these three to 4,3, and 2 year contracts after the season at VERY cheap $$$$)

In 2011/12.....
Smith - breaks out to a regular and is resigned long term

This year...

So at the time of the Anderson trade we had a core of only 7 players we still have on the team... since then in the last 1/4 of a season and a full year and so far this year we added 10 more players to our actual core on the ice in the NHL (and importantly Maclean). Not that we traded for most of them... but we had space on the roster for them to get really good ice time and prove themselves... that is what rebuilding is all about... freeing up ice time to see if others can perform. Without Greening and Condra with Spezza for 20 games they might have never got the big break they did. How smart was Murray to sign Anderson to a 4 year deal economically? Greening 3 years at like $800K a season is absurdly wise. Neil resigned at a bit less then he was making.

Right now Anderson is THE BEST GOALIE IN THE NHL. He was the best goalie in 2010/11 post trade to Ottawa even topping Thomas's sick numbers from the time of the trade. Last year Anderson was solid and the team had confidence behind him. Anderson was astounding in the playoffs and was going save for save vs Lundqvist. Anderson has been AMAZING since he came here. Lamenting his move here because we lost out on the 2nd overall pick and got the 6th overall pick is absurd. More absurd because the still 19 year old is on our roster right now and performing decently right now.

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