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02-04-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Just to add some PK to all this. Have you noticed how PK has calmed down his game. sure he moves the puck up but he has passed it up to a forward EVER TIME. You can tell he has had a talk with the coaches. ( don't just take off with the puck because your forwards don't know what you are doing. Until you learn the system just stay back a bit. What is impressing me is that PK is doing exactly what he has been asked to do with no comments. GOOD. Nobody is asking PK to change, just do your fancy stuff when the COACH turned you loose to do so, he will, when he considered it's time for a big push. With more practice time PK will develop a signal to tell his mates what's coming. One mate to drop back to cover for PK while 2 other join his big rush for support.
I remember last year, every time PK made a big charge up the ice he ended up in the zone with NO support as all 4 mates dropped back to cover. Ok it sure was obvious Pk needed practice a well supported charge and not an independent charge alone.
I know exactly what you mean and I am also positive they told him to give up the one-man rushes up the ice. And for good reason. You have to move the puck up to forwards already in motion at the blue line to take advantage of the speed they pick up in the neutral zone. If the forwards have to stop and wait at the blue line every time PK rushes the puck in there is zero speed gaining the zone and it's easy to defend against.

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