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02-04-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post

I know the Bombers are not looking for a strong arm mobile QB type, but you cannot deny this guys talent level. And it is well known that for MacPherson he is looking for playing time, not money, and we are really the only team that can offer that (maybe Edmonton).

I was not to overly upset that the Bombers did not pay assets to acquire Reilly, but if they don't get MacPherson I will be pissed. This guy is a great talent and would completely change to dynamic of this team. He has been considered the best backup in the league for years now, he needs a shot and we need a QB. Bombers better be all over this.
I highly doubt they bring in McPherson. His stock has been dropping consistently for a couple years now and he's already going to be 30 going into training camp this year.

I don't think he's anyone that is going to "completely change the dynamic" of any club because quite frankly, he's not really all that good. I'd take a flyer on him simply because we may as well at this point, but Tim Burke was around McPherson for years and appears to have very little to no interest in acquiring him. Speaks volumes to me, even if us fans don't understand on the surface.

The only thing I really like about McPherson is that he's very capable as a mobile QB. Other than that, he's not as polished as you'd expect for a guy going into his 6th year in the CFL. Still makes a lot of coverage misreads, still doesn't anticipate his throws as well as he should and I don't particularly like his "run first, pass second" mentality that he develops when he gets into a rhythm. I want my QB getting into a passing rhythm, not a running one.

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